The sole purpose of a google ad is to boost your business, Google AdWords management in Dubai work to promote businesses so even if someone clicked on a different website, your ad would still be showing so in case the person changes their mind they can always check out your own website, or if they seem to be drawn by the ad they can also check out your website. Many have gone for the google ad approach of things and this has helped so many businesses in different ways. The work of the google ad is rather quite simple and direct, it isn’t all that complicated, but it is an effective means of drawing a large public to your website. Here is how the Google ad works.

How Google Ads Works?

These Google ads work by the use of keywords, when you desire to promote your business or product or advertise your site, you pick certain keywords that are linked to your business and keywords you think people would mostly search on pertaining to that particular topic and also mistakes that people may make when spelling that word in particular that relates to your business. After the keywords have been selected, the business owner now bids on those keywords that were acquired, seeing how much they can pay for someone to click on their ad.

The bid you make and the score of your chosen ad that is given by google known as the quality score help determine whether or not your ad is going to go up on the search engine result page.

If your ad goes up and is clicked on by a Google user, you are then required to pay a fine, each click has a fine attached to it that you are supposed to pay, and the amount of this fine is reliant on the quality of your ad and your competitor rank when this is divided, 0.1 then gets added to the previous result and this gives you the total and result of what you are supposed to pay.

In Conclusion

Using Google ads as a means to draw more attention to your page and website and increase the traffic in your business is an effective and reliable way, it has been done by many and has yielded results and because of this it is practiced by numerous firms now and a reliable SEO company in Dubai should be able to explain this and make it work properly for you and also improve your business.

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