No universal sling does all jobs in one. Riggers and other material handling companies generally use 6 variants of slings that are specifically designed for cranes. Variants include web-, rope-, chain-, metal mesh-, and wire rope slings. Any crane manufacturing company or hoist slings suppliers ought to be able to supply these six different variants. You might need a few of these slings to accomplish specific tasks. You must use the correct sling for its intended purpose. The cargo size is also a big determining factor. Also, consider the environmental conditions of your workplace. Every crane sling has a set of benefits and here they are:

Versatile & Robust Designs

Possibly the most robust slings are available. Ideal for hoisting heavier goods. Not only do they serve several purposes but are also easily repairable. It is also used across many industries for various purposes. You should use standard guidelines when using any type of sling. That is because any sort of overload can cause damage either to the equipment, or worse, to your staff. Therefore, one should always be cautious when utilizing it. The load size will be the determining factor when deciding on the number of slings required. They work well in areas with extreme temperatures and can withstand high degrees.

Wire Rope Hoist

Adhere to the operating’ recommendations when selecting a sling. This gives you all the information you need on sling types, angles, and rope latitudes The task at hand should determine the sling you use. Safety measures include:

  • Lessen rope stress by starting and stopping slowly
  • Service your slings at regular intervals
  • Balanced loads are important
  • Comply with safety measures
  • You should adjust the sling at regular intervals

Web Slings

If you are involved in this part of the industry, chances are that you. Have already come across this term quite a few times, if not often. Simply put, web slings are mainly used when picking materials that are either soft or delicate. Web hoists have a soft surface, which offers increased protection when compared to abrasive materials, such as wire rope. There are two main variants of web hoists, namely duplex & simplex.


All web hoists have a master link and a hook for lifting. The variants are Single-leg-, Two-, Three leg- and Four leg Web Sling. Each naturally indicating the number of arms attached to the hoist.


Round slings are probably the most common types of rigging equipment. And it is used for a wide variety of tasks that need hoisting. The main benefits of round slings include that they are lightweight and not expensive compared to other crane slings. There have been some discrepancies with the quality of round slings and as a result, it is critical to understand the capabilities and restrictions of round hoists and the safe use thereof. Round hoists are simple to use; their chief component is its core. The core bears the weight and it is made of monofilament synthetic fiber yarn. Round slings can vary greatly in thickness and it is crucial to know what thickness you need for the load you wish to lift. So, check with your chosen crane manufacturing company before taking a decision.

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