In Dubai, car rentals are common things. You can easily rent a car using an app or through directly contacting a Rental Company. There are tons of choices from various international brands. In fact, several people in Dubai don’t buy a car, and simply depend on the service of rental packages. But, when you avail the car hire UAE services, you have to keep in mind certain points, besides the usual terms and conditions of the deal. Keeping a note of these points would help you to grab the perfect deal that meets your needs.

Drive Within UAE

When you rent a car from a service provider, you have to clearly abide by the rules and regulations of the government. You are not allowed to drive across the international brand. You have to drive within the legal area of the country. You can, of course, drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, or vice-versa. But, crossing borders would penalize you, as it is a criminal offence. You could be jailed, too.

You Must Hold a Valid Driving Permit

Many would think that this is an obvious fact that does not require much attention. On the contrary, each year several drivers are caught in UAE driving without a valid license. Avoid doing this at all costs. You are not allowed to drive without a certified driving license almost anywhere in the world, not only in UAE. It is not only a legal matter, but also involves serious safety issues. Hence, the rational thing to do is always keep a license to drive the vehicle in UAE. It should be a valid document.

Security Deposit Is Mandatory

Keep in mind that when you are planning to avail the car rental package from a top service provider, you have to pay the required security deposit in advance to the company. You can inquire about the amount details and mode of payment with the concerned executives, although there are clear instructions on the official company website.

Minimum Age Criteria

UAE has a strict policy of allowing adults to rent a car with minimum age requirements. You have to be at least 25 years of age to rent a car.

Follow Every Traffic Rule

Again, this might seem pretty obvious, but in practice, many drivers flout the rules. Follow all traffic rules after renting a car.

You Can Easily Get the Best Deal

Book now the best car rental packages from a reputed service provider.

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